• Your NYE Outfit Sorted: What to Wear

    The 31st of December is the time of year where you can go all out and throw all the fashion rules out the window. Want to wear all glitter and glitz? Want to show your legs and have a low neckline? Well, NYE is all about go big, or go home.

    The sequin dress

    A classic NYE outfit, but it’s popular for a reason. Sequins look great when out and about celebrating; you can light up the room and dance floor as the lights bounce off your dress, making you feel centrestage. What’s not to love?

    You’ll be able to find a sequin dress in most cuts, shapes, sizes and colours, so don’t fret about finding one that’ll suit you and your tastes.

    Flared trousers

    Flared trousers make you look edgy and daring; there are many ways to style your flared trousers so that you’re ready to hit the dancefloor this NYE. You can lean into the 70s, or keep it sophisticated with black flared trousers and a sequin top tucked into the waistband.

    The 80s vibe

    Who doesn’t love the 80s? While you may look back at some of your outfits in horror, that doesn’t mean you can’t correct your past mistakes. Think a black dress with a sophisticated 80s inspired bow on the front, or some tastefully puffed sleeves. If you want, think pink or yellow!

    The one shoulder jumpsuit

    Again, rather 80s, but another stylish outfit idea with a twist. There’s a large variety of jumpsuits to choose from bold colours and sequins to vibrant patterns. The list is endless! You can’t go wrong with a chic jumpsuit.

    The sparkly tunic

    A tunic is a wonderful piece of clothing, and when combined with sparkly detailing, it can be a formal but also casual outfit idea for those who feel more comfortable in jeans or trousers. Or, swap the patterns and have a plain tunic on top and shimmering trousers on the bottom. Daring and different!

    The velvet skater dress

    Velvet lovers can rejoice as NYE is the best time to drape yourself in the soft fabric. Choose a classic colour such as navy blue, mistletoe green or midnight black and pair the skater dress with a striking pair of heels and some quirky tights.

    Don’t forget the accessories

    This is the season for big, sparkly earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Have a clutch bag that’ll shimmer under the lights, and if you’re having your hair pinned up or in a ponytail, don’t ignore all the hair accessories currently gracing the fashion world.

    If you wear a more subtle garment, then accessories are the best way to add a bit of ‘extra’ to your outfit. Never underestimate the power of accessories and how they can make or break an outfit!

    Not sure where to shop for your NYE outfit? There are many shops on the high street for you to peruse. Whether you are looking for a store that has a range of plus size clothing London or a boutique that dabbles in unique jewellery, you’ll be able to sort a NYE outfit that’ll turn heads.

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