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  • What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear to the Wedding?

    From the once-in-a-lifetime choice facing the bride to the evening reception guests who worry about being over/underdressed, weddings are a fashion minefield. The mother of the bride is no exception to wedding wardrobe worries as, although there is a somewhat outdated perception that the mother of the bride should wear something modest, simple and plain, the modern reality couldn’t be more different. In fact, today’s mother of the bride faces a very different issue – there’s simply too much choice!

    Your daughter’s wedding is going to be one of the most memorable events in your life with photographs which will capture a key moment in your family’s history. It’s completely natural to be overwhelmed with the task of finding your wedding outfit, but these tips should help you prioritise what really matters.

    Ask your daughter

    The best place to start when planning your wedding outfit is to look at your daughter’s choices in terms of her dress, the rest of the wedding party, the venue and the theme. The tone of the wedding is very much led by the bride and groom whether it’s formal, casual, vintage, rustic, fairytale romance or unbridled extravagance, your outfit should follow similar guidelines.

    Coordinate your colours

    The colours you choose should complement the rest of the colours in the wedding party, so you shouldn’t choose your outfit until the bridesmaids’ dresses have been chosen. Once the fabric has been chosen, you can take a swatch with you when you’re shopping. You probably don’t want to match the bridesmaids and be mistaken for one of them – the mother of the bride should be distinguishable from the rest of the party – but a complementary shade of the same colour could be perfect.

    Colours to avoid

    It probably doesn’t need saying, but you should not wear the same colour as the bride. In most cases this is white, although some modern brides are choosing to break with tradition in favour of coloured dresses or even trouser suits. An entirely black outfit is also a risky choice as it’s not very suitable for the celebratory nature of the event. Black with another colour could be effective, but it’s often best to steer clear of very bright colours which could draw attention away from the bride.

    Dress for the venue

    Your outfit should also be suited to the wedding venue. For example, while a strapless dress may be perfect for a summer wedding on a beach or in a garden, it may not be appropriate for a wedding ceremony in a church. Of course, you can pair a strapless dress with a shawl or bolero for the ceremony with the option to remove it for the reception.

    Consider the weather, especially when choosing footwear. If the wedding or reception is outside on grass, stiletto heels could be a nightmare when you start sinking into the mud!

    Invest in high quality, timeless pieces

    Although you may be tempted to choose something slightly quirky which is in fashion at the moment, remember that the wedding photos will be around forever. It may be better to choose an outfit which is current but timeless. You may also want to wear the outfit again for future events. Even if you don’t plan to wear the outfit again, spend as much as you can realistically afford to ensure you get high-quality pieces which are worthy of the occasion.

    Make sure you’re comfortable

    Finally, make sure that whatever you choose to wear makes you look and feel your best, but also that you’re comfortable and confident. Show your personality, make sure you can dance the night away and take pride in this incredibly special day.



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