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What is plus size clothing?

We tackle this common, but often misunderstood, question.

What is plus size clothing?

Plus size clothing is a term widely used to describe clothing sizes above the average.  But what is the average?  47% of UK women are size 16 and above, and reports suggest this percentage is set to increase.  So although many of the high street shops produce clothes from size 8-18, we think they are in the minority and plus size shops like Froxx are leading the way for Mrs Average.

Not having the figure of a supermodel doesn’t have to stand in the way of having a great wardrobe.  Changes in body shape have been largely ignored by many fashion manufacturers, and fashion magazines are full of slim women in clothes that are styled to suit their smaller frames.  It is a well-known fact that women’s sizes are increasing but the choice of clothes hasn’t kept up.

Many manufacturers think they can just widen their range of small styles to be able to call them plus size clothes, but unfortunately, these designs never seem to fit anyone!  We are all different shapes and sizes.  One customer who is a size 22 certainly won’t be the same shape as the next size 22 customer.  So we all need to find a shape of clothing which suits our particular body shape.  (Our next blog will be about that!)

In Northern Europe, places like Holland, Denmark and Germany have a much higher percentage of plus size women than the UK, mainly because the women are taller and have larger body frames.  So these countries are ideal manufacturers of plus size clothing as they are able to get the fit of plus size clothes exactly right.  Here at Froxx we are proud to be suppliers of European plus size clothes and want to spread that good news far and wide.

Our clothes range from size 16-32, but each manufacturer and each style comes up differently.  As a plus size customer, we would always recommend coming into the shop to try things on to get the exact size for you, but if that’s not possible, we can measure each item for you so we know you’ll be happy with your purchases.

Our website displays some, but not all of the stock that we have here in Kings Langley.  Do come to see us – it’s a beautiful village in Hertfordshire which serves the whole neighbouring area including North London.

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