• Sundresses: Why They Are Loved by Men & Women Alike

    Sundress season is upon us. Men and women everywhere rejoice. What is it about sundresses that makes them so popular with women and so loved by men?

    Simple in their design, sundresses have been around for decades, so what has this summer staple got that other dresses don’t? Let’s take a closer look.

    What exactly is a sundress?

    A sundress is a casual, lightweight dress designed for summer months. Although there are many different styles of sundresses, the most common one features a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt.

    Typically, a sundress exposes the arms, shoulders, and neck and comes with various enclosures, such as buttons, zips, and ties. Sundresses can be plain in their design or showcase an array of different patterns. Floral sundresses are particularly popular.

    You can find plus size summer dresses in this style, as well as ones that are suitable for tall and petite ladies. In fact, you can get sundresses that look amazing on everyone!

    Why do women love sundresses?

    There are so many reasons why women of all shapes and sizes can’t wait for the warmer weather so that they can pull on their favourite sun dress.

    Firstly, they are just so easy to wear. All you need to do is pick your preferred sundress, pull it over your head, and you are good to go. Couple this with the fact that they complement nearly all body types, and you have one winning dress style.

    Sundresses are also super-chic and cute, making them ideal for casual lunch dates, girlie brunches, and days out with the family.

    Last but not least, sundresses are typically made from breathable fabrics, which means they keep you cool even when temperatures hit the peak. Say goodbye to sweaty body parts!

    Why do men love sundresses?

    Men seem to love sundresses for a whole host of other reasons. Most notably, they love the figure-hugging aspect of their design, which is close but not too tight like a bodycon dress.

    They also seem to find this style of dress suggestive and sexy, as it shows just enough skin without being too provocative. Lastly, it seems to remind them of their younger days, perhaps at university, when girls would sit around in the summer in pretty sundresses, watching them play football or some other sport.

    How to style a sundress this summer

    Styling a sundress this summer couldn’t be easier. Here are our top tips for styling a sundress:

    • Add a tailored jacket or blazer for a more professional look.
    • Layer with knitwear for chillier evenings.
    • Add a statement accessory such as a clutch bag or oversized belt.
    • Add a denim jacket for depth.
    • Mix and match different patterns and textures.
    • Embrace the beach with a tie-dye design.

    And there you have it – everything you need to know about sundresses and why they are the perfect dress style for looking effortlessly chic this summer in the UK. Are you ready to embrace sundress season?

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