• Lovely Linen: Why to Choose it and How to Wear it

    There is no better fabric than lovely and luxurious linen when it comes to staying and looking cool this summer. That being said, for some unfathomable reason, linen has developed a bit of a reputation as being outdated and a little bit old-fashioned.

    Well, we are here to banish this perception and prove that linen is the perfect go-to fabric for the summer season and beyond. Keep reading to discover exactly why you should be wearing linen this season, plus how you can wear it for optimum style.

    What are the benefits of wearing linen?

    If you tend to be more of a cotton girl, you may be interested to know why linen beats this popular fabric, hands down.

    1. Linen is highly breathable. Due to its low thread count, linen is more breathable than cotton, meaning it can keep you cooler for longer.
    2. Linen has a high absorbency rate. If you struggle with the heat and humidity, linen has the ability to absorb moisture much more effectively than cotton.
    3. Linen is resilient. Linen is 30% stronger than cotton, meaning it will outlast many garments in your wardrobe.

    How to wear linen

    If you are new to the delights of linen, at least when it comes to clothing, we can help you find the perfect garments to complement your style and body shape.

    A simple linen top

    A light and airy linen top is the ideal choice for those who are not ready to embrace head-to-toe linen. With shapes to suit all figures, our plus size linen tops come in a wide variety of fun and vibrant colours, making them ideal for standing out this summer.  

    A smart linen blazer

    A linen blazer is a great option if you don’t want to wear a full suit, but you still want to look smart and professional. A light linen blazer can be paired with dark cotton trousers for a winning combination.

    A laid back linen shirt

    A highly versatile garment, a good quality linen shirt can be worn to the office, to a girlie lunch, or even for impromptu evening drinks. Seek out a well-cut shirt in a pastel shade such as pale blue or pink for a bang-on-trend look that can be dressed up or paired down.

    A linen suit

    Looking to make a statement? A full linen suit is not for everyone but can work brilliantly for a relaxed summer wedding or a family BBQ. Enabling you to beat the heat and look effortlessly cool, try pairing with a cotton shirt to add contrasting textures.

    Hopefully, you are now sold on the idea of linen and are ready to start shopping. When it comes to linen clothing, you get what you pay for. Cheap linen will appear stiff and will not last, whereas good quality linen garments should last a lifetime.



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