• How to Wear Prints and Patterns

    Incorporating a bold pattern or print into your everyday look is one of the easiest ways to create a pulled-together-looking outfit. That being said, many women are afraid to wear prints and patterns as they worry about clashing colours or mixing the wrong styles.

    From polka dots to plaids, stripes to gingham, keep reading to find out how you can wear prints and patterns with confidence this season and beyond.

    Tip 1: Cover a print with a neutral item

    If you are new to the wonderful world of prints and patterns and are worried about drawing too much attention to yourself, then it can be a good idea to layer your chosen item with a more neutral garment.

    For example, if you have found a leopard print top that you quite like the look of, why not wear it with an oversized neutral-coloured jacket? Then, if you start to feel a bit bolder, you can always remove the jacket to show off the print.

    Tip 2: Start small

    Sometimes a patterned dress or full-length printed coat can make you feel too out of your comfort zone. If this is the case, why not start with a smaller patterned or printed item such as a handbag, a pair of socks, or a headband?

    Patterned accessories offer a super stylish way to add depth to your outfit in a subtle way. You can check out our range of ladies plus sized clothing and accessories, with patterns and prints to suit all tastes.

    Tip 3: Embrace the clash

    Although you may have always believed that patterns have to match, as fashion has evolved, this is no longer the case. Don’t be afraid to mix bold patterns like animal print and plaid. As long as you add some sort of neutral item to tie all the elements of your outfit together, this look rocks!

    Again, if you are fearful of clashing, start small and embrace different prints and patterns for your accessories before building up to your main outfit.

    Tip 4: Choose patterns of different sizes

    One of the simplest ways to mix different patterns is by layering ones of different sizes. By pairing a small-scale print with a large-scale pattern, the smaller print will act as the neutral element of your outfit and prevent it from appearing cluttered and chaotic.

    For example, you could pair a small floral print skirt with a large format plaid flannel shirt for a modern and trendy look, or you could rock a small striped oversized tee with a large-scale gingham skirt for a cute and playful vibe.

    Tip 5: Focus on matching colours

    If you don’t feel ready to wear multiple prints or patterns in the same outfit, it can be a good idea to stick to different prints or patterns that are all in the same colour. When in doubt, remember that you can never go wrong with black and white.

    Why not try mixing a black and white horizontal striped jacket with a black and white spotty blouse? Pair with a simple pair of jeans or white shorts, and you are good to go.

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