• How to Upgrade Your Look for Spring & Summer

    Every woman wants to feel fabulous when the sun starts to shine. As you might receive many invitations to BBQs, picnics, outdoor parties and beer gardens, you must incorporate various statement pieces into your wardrobe.

    The right outfits will make you feel free, confident and beautiful during warmer temperatures, which will help you make the most of every invitation. Find out how to upgrade your look for spring and summer.

    Shake Up Your Colour Palette

    Many people tend to incorporate darker clothing into their autumn and winter wardrobe. However, as brighter days are ahead, it is time to ditch the black, navy and burgundy hues and incorporate more vibrant colours into your look.

    Pastels are a superb choice for spring and summer, as they are soft, vibrant, and seasonal. It is the perfect time to play with patterns, incorporate bolder tones and introduce lighter colours into your outfits, too. You don’t need to go OTT, either, as a white kimono jacket or cream crepe vest are crisp, light choices that will suit the spring and summer seasons.

    Seasonal Styles

    Wearing various seasonal styles can help you embody the season, which will make you feel fresh and fabulous. One garment you won’t regret adding to your wardrobe is a kaftan, which is loose, flattering and elegant. It will allow you to feel cool when temperatures rise, and the attractive design will ensure you don’t feel self-conscious when strolling along a beach, exploring shops or attending an outdoor event.

    At Froxx, we provide ladies plus size clothing for every season. So to update your look in time for spring and summer, browse our range of gorgeous kaftans, floral dresses, vests, and short-sleeve tees that we guarantee will not disappoint.

    Invest in Quality Basics

    Versatile, quality basics will allow you to put together effortless looks day after day. Create a flexible, fabulous style for spring and summer by investing in stylish staples, such as:

    • Harem trousers
    • Floral dresses
    • Kimono jackets
    • Short-sleeve tees
    • Striped jersey tops
    • Jersey crops

    You can then switch various garments to create unique, fashionable looks that will turn many heads at the beach, by the pool or at a garden party.

    Wear Clothing You Love

    Don’t follow seasonal trends for spring and summer. If you do, you might struggle to feel chic and confident in an outfit. Instead, wear clothing that flatters your taste, figure and skin tone. It will ensure you are bursting with confidence when temperatures climb, as you will wear colours, patterns and silhouettes that match your personality to a tee. So, skip colour trends and popular designs, and browse clothing collections until you find a top, trousers, jacket or accessories you love.

    Don’t settle for dull or unflattering clothing that doesn’t highlight your beautiful shape. Beam with confidence this spring and summer by buying looks from our fashionable, affordable clothing range, which features designs from some of Europe’s best plus-size designers, such as Pont Neuf, Angel Circle and Kasbah Clothing.



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