• How to Update your Wardrobe for Autumn

    Summer has drawn to a close, and with the gradually cooling temperatures, you will need to find ways to look stylish and keep warm.

    Fortunately, you do not need to spend a fortune to update your look for autumn, nor do you need to purchase a whole new wardrobe.

    From having a clear-out and checking out the latest seasonal trends to choosing quality over quantity, keep reading to see how you can transform your style for autumn without blowing your budget.

    Make space

    If you just keep adding more items to your wardrobe each and every season, you will soon be left with a cluttered and chaotic space that does not lend itself well to daily inspiration. This is why it’s so important that you have a thorough clean-out before you start purchasing any new items for the months ahead.

    Be ruthless, and make sure you get rid of any items of clothing that you have not worn for 12 months or more. If you hate throwing things away, you can either choose to donate them to your local charity shop or try and sell them on a local social media selling site.

    Identify what you need

    If you already have five pairs of black trousers, do you really need any more? Making sure you know exactly what you already have and what you need is crucial when updating your wardrobe. You can then identify what key investment pieces you are missing, such as a coat, handbag, pair of ankle boots, or new scarf.

    Think back to what you wore last autumn and see which pieces you can tie in with this season’s look.

    Do some research

    If you are feeling stuck for inspiration, it can be useful to see what new styles and trends are in fashion for autumn 2020. Check out our new arrivals to see what we love for the upcoming months, with bright and invigorating colours on the menu as always.

    Now is also the best time to determine how much you have to spend on updating your wardrobe. Making the decision to set a budget is always a good idea, preventing you from wasting your money on fast fashion and instead, helping you to focus on buying high-quality, long-lasting items.

    Create a mood board

    This may seem a little old fashioned, but don’t worry, you don’t have to create a physical board, unless you want to, of course. However, taking the time to put together a collection of your preferred colours, materials, and styles for the season ahead can be extremely helpful when it comes to choosing what items to buy.

    Utilise Pinterest, your favourite fashion blogs, and your preferred glossy magazines for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles.

    Follow your heart

    Although traditionally autumn is known for neutral shades such as blacks, greys, whites, and nudes, if you prefer a splash of colour, then don’t be afraid to go for more bold and patterned pieces.

    Alternatively, you could inject some vivacity through the use of a few carefully chosen accessories, such as a brightly coloured scarf or a bold handbag.



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