• How to Look Beautiful on Your Daughter’s Wedding Day

    With weddings occurring later this year than originally planned, this will allow for more time to prepare for your daughter’s big day. You will likely burst with pride when watching your daughter walk down the aisle. However, if you don’t feel beautiful on her big day, it could tarnish the experience.

    Rather than allowing your self-esteem to stand in the way of the happy event, you must aim to both look and feel beautiful to soak up every moment.

    Ensure you compliment the beautiful bride by reading these tips on how to look beautiful on your daughter’s wedding day.

    Talk to Your Daughter

    The bride will set the tone for her big day, as she will determine the dress code, colour scheme, and the level of formality. While you might not be walking her down the aisle, you can still wear an outfit that could match the wedding party. For example, it is a tradition for the mother of the bride to wear a hue that suits the happy couple’s colour scheme.

    For this reason, you should talk to your daughter for some guidelines on the right style and shade she would like you to wear to her wedding. Plus, she might understand the colours that best complement your skin tone and the right styles for your shape.

    Consider the Season and Location

    While a dress should complement your taste, it must also match both the season and venue. For example, a long gown might look out of place at a summer wedding in a rustic vineyard.

    Ensure you will both look and feel stylish by picking a wedding dress that will wow guests and matches the location. For example, a stunning floral dress could be ideal for a destination wedding, and you could pick shades that will suit your skin tone and hair colour.

    Pamper Yourself

    It’s not every day your daughter will marry the love of her life. Prove how proud you are of your daughter by pampering yourself in the run-up to her nuptials. For example, you could schedule a manicure and pedicure a day or two before her wedding.

    You also should organise for a professional hairdresser and makeup artist to enhance your appearance a few hours before the ceremony, which you could experience with the bridal party. It will ensure you both look and feel beautiful throughout the day, and you’ll look stunning on the wedding photos.

    Find the Right Dress for Your Shape

    If you’re a plus size mother of the bride, you’ll want to find a dress that complements your beautiful figure. You will, however, be happy to discover that there are many styles available at Froxx to highlight your shape and size, such as:

    • Tulip dresses
    • Harem dresses
    • Kaftan dresses
    • Linen dresses

    Plus, we provide the latest European designs in plus size fashion, so you can guarantee you will look both beautiful and stylish when standing alongside your daughter on her special day.

    So, if you want to stand out on your daughter’s wedding photographs for all the right reasons, bear the above top tips in mind. If you’re a plus size mother of the bride and need some assistance, please feel free to visit our Kings Langley store or to contact our helpful team.

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