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How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Summer

Preparing your wardrobe for the summer months as early as possible is essential to ensuring that you have a host of fashionable statement pieces that will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. If you want to create a practical yet stylish wardrobe for the coming months, read on for some top tips.

1.   Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe

The first thing you should do is spring-clean your wardrobe and dispose of any clothes that you don’t like, or which do not suit you anymore. As we grow older – and as fashion evolves – our tastes in clothing change. It’s more important to wear clothing that you feel good in, rather than clothing that you feel forced to get the maximum use out of. Clearing out your closet will also allow you to get an idea of the staple pieces of clothing that you’re missing, as well as help you to make room for new items.

2.   Invest in New Staple Pieces

The most important items to have in your wardrobe are staples that you can build a capsule wardrobe around. Staple pieces are items of clothing that match the majority of your other clothes and can be paired with almost anything else in your closet to create many fun and fashionable outfits. For instance, loose linen trousers or jersey vests are excellent options when you’re forming the base layer of an outfit and can easily be transformed with accessories to create the perfect summer look.

3.   Choose Bright and Colourful Clothing

However, now that summer is approaching, you should consider throwing away – or packing away, or better yet, giving away – the darks and monochromes of your winter ensembles and replacing them with bright and colourful items. There is nothing more flattering in the summer months than a brightly patterned dress or tunic, and our selection of Kasbah clothing can help you indulge in floral and abstract patterns. Patterns will help you take the beauty of summer with you wherever you go, even on rainy July days.

4.   Pick Pieces That Suit You

Comfort is vital to your summer wardrobe, and it’s vital that your closet is filled with clothing that flatters your figure and in which you feel at ease. At Froxx, we pride ourselves on our wide range of plus-size clothing, which caters towards women of every body shape, ensuring all women can feel beautiful and confident on any occasion.

5.   Prepare for the Summer Heat

There is no doubt that in the approach to summer, the temperature can change rapidly. This is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your wardrobe, to ensure you have perfectly matched outfits that take into consideration colours and fabrics. Our recommendation at Froxx would be to use light colours that reflect light, such as white or a bright shade of pink – combining this with a lighter weave of wool or linen that will allow your body to breathe. This will ensure your comfort, as well as looking stylish this summer.

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