• How to Get the Look You Want Out of Your Clothes

    Everybody is different, which can make shopping incredibly stressful. It’s not fun to put on clothes that look good on someone else and not like how they look on you. The good news is that this isn’t a matter of your body not suiting clothes or a certain style. You can look phenomenal just by using these simple, go-to style hacks that will help you get the look you want out of your clothes.

    Work Out The Features You Want to Highlight

    The first step is to understand how proportions affect your outfit. If you are shorter, for example, but want the look and feel of having longer legs, then bring up your trousers’ waist from mid to high-rise. You’ll also want to opt for cropped styles on top, like a cropped jacket, or alternatively, just tuck in your clothes to help emphasise your elongated legs.

    With the power of proportions, you can help highlight different features just by wearing clothes in a certain way or by choosing certain styles over others.

    Always Pick Clothes That Fit, Never Too Small

    Clothes that are too small will crease and pull around your body. Rather than help you look smaller, they’ll actually do the exact opposite. Clothes that are too small are also incredibly uncomfortable to wear, which means they’ll likely cut down on your most important attribute – your confidence.

    Always choose clothes that are perfectly fitted or even slightly too big. You can always get your clothes tailored down so that they fit you perfectly, feel amazing on, and look incredible.

    Get Your Clothes Tailored

    When you’re plus sized, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit your measurements exactly. No matter what clothing woes you’ve had before, it’s time to give them a firm farewell. Invest in your favourite plus size designer clothing, and make sure that the options you choose fit perfectly around the largest part of your body, even if it’s not a good fit elsewhere. You will then want to take those items to a tailor and get them fitted perfectly for you from there. This is how women with large chests and smaller waists can highlight their hourglass figures. It’s how you can finally say goodbye to that gap in your trousers. Yes, it is an additional cost, but having clothes tailored to you is the single best way to feel and look incredible.

    Find the Right Colours for You

    You can wear every colour, but some shades will make you look more washed out than others. Finding the right shades and tones that suit your skin, hair, and even eye colour will make a massive difference. Those with a warm complexion and black hair, for example, will thrive in punchy reds and purples, while those with light hair and a pale pink complexion look great in pastel tones such as baby blue.

    Don’t just go with what should work for you, however. When you find a style you like, try on all the different colour options to see which one makes you look and feel the best. Your individual undertone, hair colour, and even personality will ultimately determine which colours help you stand out like a star.

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