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  • How to Find the Perfect Summer Dress Staple for You

    Here at Froxx, we are here to help you discover the perfect summer dress staple you’ll want to wear all day long. Finding that ideal shape, the perfect design, and of course the perfect piece to mark your summer is our passion, and with so many plus size fashion sizes to choose from you will look stunning in your own skin. 

    Understanding Your Body Shape 

    There is almost an infinite number of body shapes out there, despite what media might try to box you into. There is more than apple, rectangle, triangle, pear, or hourglass. The only thing you need to worry about is what your most significant assets are, and what areas you aren’t happy with. 

    Knowing what areas, you want to emphasise will help you pick the right dress style for your body. 

    Summer Dress Styles 

    Summer dresses don’t just cover you. They should keep you cool and fresh-looking throughout the day. Put on the wrong type of dress, and you’ll overheat in no time, that’s why these dresses are ideal in terms of outdoor style: 

    Tulip Dress 

    The tulip dress is an advanced form of the shift dress or t-shirt dress, emphasising your beautiful curves. It’s one of the most popular plus size dresses for summer we have available, as it promotes your stunning figure and is loose enough to be comfortable and cool even on the hottest summer day. 


    Kaftans are beautiful, flowing, and make you look like an ancient goddess. They are also perfect for hot summer days where you want to keep the sun off you as much as possible but still keep it airy. 

    Tea Dress 

    Tea dresses are notable for having an unstructured look and being made of light fabrics. They come in a variety of looks but are most notable for having a full skirt that is just so much fun to twirl in. 

    Sun Dress 

    Sundresses typically hug the upper body and flare out, though there are a variety of styles. You will find them most commonly with a bodice top, loose skirt, and straps. 

    Dressing Your Colour 

    One of the best things that you can do for your wardrobe is to figure out which colours help you shine inside and out. You likely already know of a few, as people tend to compliment you whenever you wear it. It could be a bright sky blue or a vibrant red. 

    The colours that look best depending on your skin tone, which varies wildly even amongst people in the same family. Figure out your colours, and you will have unleashed a whole new power in your wardrobe. 

    Dressing for Summer 

    The Material 

    You want breathable fabrics above all else. Cotton, linen, and even silk are great choices that will keep you cool and help your skin breathe even on the hottest day. 

    The Fit 

    If you really want to enjoy the summer sun and stay cool, when you’re going to want a loose, draping dress that allows you to look like a goddess and keep the sun out.

    The shape that fits you is the most important. You want to be comfortable lounging outside, feel great in your dress, and above all be able to breathe. Find a dress from our collection that offers these benefits, and you will have your summer dress staple. 

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