• How to Feel More Comfortable in What You Wear

    There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, especially if you put so much energy, time, and money into your wardrobe. Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes has the power to affect your whole day and mood – you could look visibly uncomfortable to others or lack confidence if your clothes distract you from being at ease, and this is a negative mood that nobody wants.

    Feeling comfortable in your clothes is the sure-fire way to show off your personal style with confidence.

    • Choose Comfortable Underwear Before Anything Else

    A lot of the time, when you’re thinking about underwear suited for clothes you want to feel confident in, you may be focusing on shapewear or lingerie that boosts your natural body. The problem with this sometimes is that reasons can take precedence over actual comfort. You may end up with shapewear that is extremely tight and uncomfortable, you may end up with the wrong sized bra which can hurt your back or incorrectly support you, or you may just simply end up wearing underwear that’s not to your comfort levels, like a thong when you prefer full cotton briefs!

    What’s important here is to find underwear that is both comfortable and fits you correctly. When you have underwear that isn’t comfortable, it doesn’t matter what else you’re wearing or how amazing it looks on you because all you’re going to be thinking about is how much your underwear is irritating you.

    • Measure Yourself Correctly and Find Sizes That Fit

    Your clothes choices should always be with the correct measurements in mind so that you can feel confident and comfortable. Even if you love a design, the incorrect size can easily ruin it for you, having you feeling too uncomfortable in a too-tight size or not feeling quite right in a clothing item that’s baggier than you’d like. Be sure to check your measurements against every clothing item you want to buy, and make sure to look at clothing lines suited to your body shape and sizing, such as plus size designer clothing.

    • Dress for the Weather

    It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been planning your outfit or how amazing it feels on you – if the weather is working against you, then confidence and comfort levels can easily plummet. You don’t want to risk feeling too warm, sweaty, and uncomfortable in an outfit you planned more suited for chillier days after the sun comes out, such as long-sleeved options or jeans that aren’t too breathable. Likewise, you don’t want to risk feeling extremely cold in a sleeveless or light and airy outfit you picked when expecting a warmer day that never materialised.

    Always check the weather, plan for any weather (such as taking a removable jacket), and prioritise personal comfort and health over fashion when you’re up against extreme temperatures. It’s much more important to wrap up in a warm coat than worrying about showing off an outfit that you’ve carefully planned underneath!



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