• How to Dress for Those In-Between Days

    The warmer weather is upon us; however, before you get ahead of yourself you need to remember that a couple of days of sunshine does not mean that that’s it for the summer. In the UK we suffer very unpredictable weather and while those weather apps can be very useful, they can’t tell us what to wear, so we have to be prepared for those in-between days and get creative with our wardrobes. Here are some good ways to get the best out of your wardrobe while dressing appropriately for the ever-changing weather.

    Enjoy your jackets

    Having a jacket with you is always a good idea. You don’t have to be wearing it, it can be in your bag, left in the car or even draped over your shoulders. Luckily jackets can be extremely versatile and can keep you warm while also looking trendy with a summer dress. Take a classic leather jacket or a denim jacket, these will never go out of style and go with almost everything. When it comes to plus size designer clothing though, you can be a little more experimental and try a trench coat over a summer dress or jeans and a t-shirt. A jacket can make all the difference, not just to your comfort while you’re sat outside in the pub garden, but they can also add that finishing touch to an outfit and make it smart or more casual within seconds.

    Don’t put away your scarves

    It can be tempting to put all your winter clothes and accessories away as soon as a bit of sun appears, however, scarves are a brilliant accessory to keep out so don’t put them away just yet. Scarves can be worn as shawls and with so many lovely designs, they can bring a boring outfit to life. Not only that but a scarf can be thrown in your bag and used as and when you need it. It is the perfect in-between, versatile accessory and the more you have, the more outfits you can jazz up with one.

    Jump into a jumpsuit

    Jumpsuits are a great option for in-between weather – not only that, but they are comfy, stylish and can be worn with just about anything. Going to a wedding, then a jumpsuit and heels is great. If you’re going shopping then a jumpsuit, some trainers and a denim jacket will be perfect. There are many different styles of jumpsuits, but ultimately, they are timeless, they look good and they can be extremely flattering, you just need to find the right one for you.

    Layer your looks

    If you’re really not sure what the weather is going to do and there are some summer clothes you’re just dying to wear, then try layering to keep yourself warmer. Put a long-sleeved T-shirt under a summer dress or add a shirt over the top which can be worn unbuttoned and keep off any chill or breeze. Slip dresses also look nice with jumpers or long-sleeved tops underneath and can help you feel ready for any weather while still looking fabulous.



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