• How to Dress for an Outdoor Wedding

    With the summer wedding season upon us and many couples opting for an outdoor venue to help safeguard their guests, now is the time to turn your attention towards outdoor wedding attire.

    Although this can be a tricky task, especially given the unpredictable British weather, there are some tried and tested tips that will ensure you dress to impress and stay comfortable no matter what the elements throw at you.

    Know the dress code

    Before you even think about starting shopping, either online or on the high street, you first need to consider the dress code set out by the happy couple if there is one, of course.

    Have they specified “black tie” or perhaps “cocktail attire”? If this is the case, you need to make sure that you pick an outfit that adheres to their wishes.

    Think about what NOT to wear

    Even if you have never been to a wedding before, you are probably aware of some of the wedding guest attire no-no’s such as wearing white (a cardinal sin!), rocking denim, or choosing any dress or skirt that shows too much skin.

    Before you hit the shops, make a mental note of these rules and eliminate anything that is not wedding appropriate immediately. That being said, you should know that it is now perfectly acceptable to wear black to a modern wedding, as long as you keep the style fresh and elegant.

    Consider the chill

    Although your main focus will be on your dress (or trouser suit), you must also think about how you are going to keep the cold at bay as the day turns to night. Unfortunately, choosing a coverup can be even trickier than picking your main outfit, as you don’t want to distract from or overpower your dress.

    Furthermore, when picking plus size jackets for women, you also need to think about how they will flatter your shape and fit over your chosen outfit. As a general rule, if you have chosen an all-black outfit for the wedding, you can opt for a more vibrant and colourful coat. Whereas, if you have gone big and bold with your dress, a more demure coverup is needed.

    Go minimal with accessories

    Large tote bags and hefty shoulder bags don’t really scream summer wedding and can make you appear as though you are going on a trek rather than spending the day celebrating the union of two of your close friends or your relative. Instead, keep your accessories minimal and opt for a micro handbag or delicate clutch that will add a subtle sense of style to your outfit of choice.

    Avoid sky-high heels

    Even if you are lacking in the height department, high heels and outdoor weddings are not well suited. This is especially the case if the wedding you are attending is set in the countryside.

    This doesn’t mean that you have to choose flats as your footwear of choice, as there are many comfy elevated shoes that will give you the height you need while still allowing you to dance right through the night without fear of falling over or damaging your feet.



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