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  • How to Dress for a Summer Garden Party

    Although the lockdown remains place and restricting people’s ability to get together, hopefully, there is still the opportunity to socialise before the summer season is over. Hosting a BBQ or garden party is a great way to bring together your friends and family, making the most of the warm days and nights. 

    It is more than likely that a few of these gatherings will take place once restrictions ease, so why not hope for the best and start thinking about your perfect garden party outfit? Here are a few tips to help you piece together your perfect look. 


    Summer clothing is all about colour and fun, so think about incorporating some brightness into your look even if this isn’t something you usually go for. Lighter materials are always recommended, but remember to bring a cardigan or another extra layer if you’re going to stay into the evening when it gets cooler. Colourful prints are a particularly popular look this year: invest in a blouse or dress to keep on-trend and see what’s new in at Froxx for some great examples. Keep smart-casual in mind when planning your outfit and this style will be perfect for any garden party you host or are invited to. 


    Heels always look smart and stylish, but if you’re going to be walking across the grass, they will not be a practical choice. Flat sandals or mules are a good look and can be paired with a summer outfit perfectly. Wedges are another excellent choice as their flat bottoms won’t sink into the earth, but they still give you the desired height and drama of high heels. Of course, if the ground you walk on is uneven, wedges will be a bit more challenging, but patios and decks will be more stable. 


    You can have a fabulous dress or a perfectly paired top and trousers, but there is no denying how accessories can make any outfit pop. Don’t forget to add extra wow-factor to your garden party look to turn some heads. This year’s popular trends include colourful items of jewellery (just make sure they don’t clash with the rest of your outfit), elegant pearls with a modern twist and hoop earrings. Statement pieces are always a good choice, but make sure you’re not overdoing it. If you want to add more than one or two pieces of jewellery, choose more delicate items that can add an elegant layer to your overall look. 


    The way you wear your hair and put on your make-up also adds to your final appearance. In the heat, heavy make-up will not be ideal, therefore think about keeping things simple with neutral tones. If you want to add a bit of colour or drama, red lipstick is a timeless trick that adds some vintage magic. Blush tones and glossy lips appear to be popular make-up trends this summer, but the shades you choose will all depend on your skin tone. 

    Hopefully, in the not too distant future, you will be able to celebrate the summer with your loved ones at a garden party. Be ready to go when the time goes by and start planning your perfect summer garden party look! 



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