• How to Choose the Right Plus-Size Dress

    It’s not always easy to find a dress that looks good and makes you feel good when you need to buy a plus-size garment. It can sometimes feel as though the clothing manufacturers and designers don’t really care about how the outfit looks – they just want to ensure there are sizes to fit everyone.

    At Froxx, that’s not the case. We have dresses that look good, feel good, and that are designed with you in mind. So just how can you know you’re choosing the right plus-size dress? Read on for some tips to help you make a great choice.

    A-Line Dresses

    When you are looking for ladies plus size clothing, the A-line dress is a classic and a good choice for many. Wearing this will give you a classic hourglass silhouette because the dresses have a fitted top that leads to a flared skirt.

    The A-line is a classic for a reason; it is a flattering design. However, although everyone can enjoy wearing an A-line dress, it is particularly great for plus-size women. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that A-line dresses are made of thicker fabric (think denim and cotton) instead of fabric that blows and flows (more like silk or satin) – and therefore, it doesn’t cling. The dress keeps its shape no matter what, and that means it flatters at all times.

    Empire Dresses

    Empire dresses are another traditional design, and they should be a staple of any plus-size woman’s wardrobe. Rather than gathering at the usual waistline area, they gather much higher up, under the bust. This design means that stomachs are essentially hidden by loose material, which many plus-size women find a lot more comfortable. As well as this, thanks to the higher ‘waistline,’ the eye is drawn upwards, away from the front of the body.

    Even better, the empire dress design comes in a variety of different styles and fabrics (as well as patterns and colours, of course), and they can be long, floor-length dresses or much shorter, even mini-style dresses, depending on what you want.

    Peplum Dresses

    The peplum dress is not to everyone’s taste; those who like things quite simple might prefer to opt for an empire or A-line dress. However, if the peplum is something you like, then it can be ideal for anyone with an hourglass figure and lots of curves.

    The peplum is easily recognisable thanks to the ruffle at the waist. This is what sets it apart from any other style. The dress itself tends to be straight and stylish, and the added ruffle at the waist gives it a playful, youthful look, which is why people tend to like it. The ruffle isn’t just there for show; it actually makes the waist appear to be much smaller than the hips and shoulders, which is why it’s an excellent choice for plus-sized women as it offers a slimming look.

    Let Us Help You Choose

    At Froxx, we’re dedicated to helping women find the ideal dress for them, and we believe plus-size dresses should be as stylish as any other. So, get in touch with us if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to help.

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