• 6 Items to Keep in Your Winter Wardrobe

    Your winter wardrobe should look vastly different to your summer one. Even your autumn outfits won’t include as many layers! That’s because the winter brings a bitter, cold wind (and, depending on where you live, potentially snow). Fortunately, the cold weather makes way for some beautiful fashion choices. When else can you pair a scarf with leather gloves or wear knee-high boots with a stylish coat? To ensure you’ve got everything you need to look great this winter, include the following six items in your wardrobe.

    1: A Thick Coat

    You need a thick coat to stay warm. That’s great, as many winter coats look amazing. You’ve got a bunch of styles to choose from; you might like the casual look of a Puffer Jacket, or you may prefer to step out in a Peacock coat. It’s up to you! Just ensure you have at least one go-to jacket for the season.

    2: A Cosy Jumper

    Everyone needs a thick, cosy jumper during winter. It’s important for staying toasty! Ideally, choose one slightly bigger than you, as that will provide extra comfort.

    3: Boots

    When winter rolls around, it’s time to ditch the pretty sandals and replace them with a thick pair of boots. Consider some leather knee-high boots for their versatility and warmth. Or, pair a cute pair of ankle boots with your go-to winter outfits for a casual look.

    4: A Winter Party Dress

    While you won’t be hitting the beach or attending outdoor festivals, winter still provides plenty of reasons to dress up, so include a winter party dress in your wardrobe!

    Are you struggling to find the perfect winter party dress? We have plenty of plus size designer clothing for you to choose from, including pretty party dresses to tide you over the winter party season. Whether going to your Christmas do or you want to impress on new year’s eve, these well-fitted, stylish, comfortable dresses will make you stand out from the crowd – for all of the right reasons! Plus, many of the dresses have long sleeves, meaning they’ll keep you warm even on the coldest of evenings.

    5: Wool/Thermal Tights

    You don’t always need to wear pants or jeans just because it’s cold outside. Instead, invest in some wool or thermal tights to make the most of your skirts and dresses during winter. They’ll keep your legs warm while still showing off your figure.

    6: A Trusty Pair of Jeans

    Everyone needs a trusty pair of jeans in their wardrobe, no matter the season! They’ll likely get used more in the winter, though, as they provide warmth and versatility. You can pair them with pretty much anything, from ankle boots to tailored coats. You’ll probably reach for them more often than not, so it might be wise to get a couple of pairs!

    Here at Froxx, we have plenty of amazing plus-size designer clothes to keep you warm while still looking stylish. Look great while enjoying a genuinely comfortable fit!

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